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Partnering for Excellence

Better Food Factory is a food incubator - accelerator offering a proven-approach that will help you elevate your food business to new heights. 

Our approach

Our approach consists of three successfully-proven phases: Concept, Development, and Launch; that are there to help you identify where your idea, project, or product is and support you every step of the way. We've helped numerous businesses succeed in the competitive food market with our expertise and experience.


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What is your goal?

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Plan my business

New to the food industry?


Need to know where to start?

We can guide you through all the requirements and initial steps to do the right thing at the right time.

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Low & mid-volume copacking

Need to run a hand off operation to have time to develop other products or focus in your business growth strategy?

Our co-packing services will allow you to do that.


Start my business

Need help with product costs?

Need to launch to the market?

We can help you developing a proof of concept (PoC) to launch fast to the market.

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Staff augmentation

Do you need an extra hand with a high-demand period?

We can allocate to your operation experienced team members to help.


Increase my production

You are operating a business!

Do you need to grow?

We have the space you need to manufacture your product, our health inspected shared kitchen is ideal to scale up your production, to do your own R&D in a commercial environment or for your regular production process.

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Ghost kitchen

Are you interested in opening a restaurant or fast food business but not ready to have your own place?


We have the ideal take-out space and location for you.

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